Fractional Laser at Arta Dermatology, Newport Beach

Beautiful woman face close Dermatology is focused on delivering non-invasive skin rejuvenation through customized treatment. By using a fractional laser, which delivers energy to thousands of tiny zones on the face or body, Dr. Farshidi helps patients rejuvenate and discover their best skin quickly, and with little down time, if any.

Turning back time is possible when the right approach is taken. Creams and lotions work on the surface of the skin and therefore produce very limited results. For many, a fractional laser is the next step in skin preservation and rejuvenation.

Traditional laser treatments typically focus on one of the two areas: either the surface of the skin or the mid-layer. Heat-based treatments targeting the deeper layer where collagen is produced may be effective, but also tend to require a few weeks for recovery. The less aggressive treatments, called non-ablative, are gentler, but also produce less visible results.

Under the care of board-certified Dr. Farshidi, there is a better choice. Fractional laser treatments can effectively treat both layers of skin at the same time, thus addressing the effects of sun damage, aging, and environmental factors simultaneously.

Some of the issues fractional laser can improve include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Surface scars from acne or other injuries
  • Sun spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage and Actinic Keratosis

Fractional laser treatments are a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of skin. This technology has been widely used around the world for many years, and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals within just a few treatments. The results of laser treatment can be maintained with at-home skin care that includes the daily application of sunscreen.

Our practice is equipped with the tools needed to help you uncover your best skin - your best self. Contact us to learn more about fractional laser treatment.