Radiesse at Arta Dermatology, Newport Beach

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You are probably aware of the importance of collagen for maintaining healthy, young-looking skin. Unfortunately, natural collagen production decreases over time, and this substance cannot be boosted with supplements. As collagen depletes, wrinkles and lines develop, but there is a solution. Radiesse is a uniquely long lasting dermal filler, which helps stimulate collagen production for natural volumization.

The dermal fillers used by cosmetic dermatologists today may be based on various naturally occurring substances, such as hyaluronic acid. Radiesse is one that is made of tiny beads of calcium. We tend to associate calcium with strong teeth and bones, but this substance also encourages the ongoing production of collagen. The nature of Radiesse leads to the immediate plumping of lines, as well as long-term results of up to two years, with occasional touch-ups.

With Radiesse, you can experience: Beauty Woman face with perfect skin

  • An immediate increase in volume in the mid-face, creating contours that are more youthful
  • The rejuvenation of hands, which are regularly exposed to harmful UV rays
  • Allover lift of facial features
  • Fuller, younger-looking lips
  • Significant decrease in the appearance of marionette lines, those that appear from the nose to the mouth
  • Decrease in under-eye puffiness

Biocompatible filler, Radiesse is safe and effective, causing no side effects other than localized swelling and redness at injection sites, which may last a day or two. Receiving injections is minimally uncomfortable, with only a small pinch felt. Beyond this initial pinprick, treatment is comfortable, as this filler contains an effective numbing agent. Following treatment, it is possible to return to normal activity, resolving any discomfort with over the counter pain relievers or ice.

Most patients experience optimal results after just one treatment, with improvement that lasts anywhere from six to twenty-four months. The longevity of results is dependent on each person's unique skin condition, age, metabolism, and lifestyle.

You deserve to feel great about your skin. With carefully planned application of Radiesse, you can experience an immediate return to a more youthful appearance, through the ongoing results unique to this treatment.

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